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I have to create. It's in me. Lately, I am hooked on Junk Journals. I love using old scraps to create beautiful, textural pieces.  I also love working on glass mosaics and embroidering art quilts. Balancing the hard and soft. Soon I will undertake to revamp my van (a la Large Marge). Perhaps some more dolls will surface.  I never know what will arise. I just embrace it.  I sew, assemble, mosaic, paint, doodle, journal, collect rusty bits, garden and recycle junk. Birds, dogs, faces, hearts, houses, flowers and fish frequent my pieces.  In return my zealous mind is settled, my heart smiling.  Here, I offer a sample portfolio.   

Below is a pic of a mosaic I call Undersea that I created. I had it on display at my art show held in December in Bastrop, Texas. It now resides with its owner.

Please contact me at peggyLrutkowski@gmail.com if you are interested in my work.

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